Tarn and Abby – Proposal

Tarn had a plan on ‘running into me’ while on a date while I was taking pictures of the plants at the Devonian Gardens. The plot continued where I asked if I could use the two of them as models to try a few pictures out. 1 minute into our photos Tarn takes a knee and pulls out the ring. Boom! The surprises continued as Abby’s fam jam and friends came a little later to congratulate them. We rounded out the day taking pictures outside in the middle of a fall snow storm (only in Alberta!).

T&A Lo Res-9T&A Lo Res-12T&A Lo Res-16T&A Lo Res-27T&A Lo Res-66T&A Lo Res-71T&A Lo Res-74T&A Lo Res-79T&A Lo Res-97T&A Lo Res-101T&A Lo Res-108T&A Lo Res-109T&A Lo Res-115T&A Lo Res-130T&A Lo Res-137T&A Lo Res-158T&A Lo Res-161T&A Lo Res-178T&A Lo Res-182T&A Lo Res-226T&A Lo Res-236T&A Lo Res-261T&A Lo Res-327T&A Lo Res-340T&A Lo Res-345T&A Lo Res-349

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